Bigfoot Family Spotted Carrying a Pig by California Farmer

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Radio Misterioso

A California farmer claims to have spotted a family-of-five Bigfoot running through his ranch near Avocado Lake.

Fox26 reports the farmer, identified only as Keith, told Paranormal Central host, Jeffrey Gonzalez he saw the legendary creatures carrying a pig past his truck headlights in the middle of the night.

“One of them, which was extremely tall, had a pig over its shoulder. And the five scattered and the one with the pig was running so fast it didn’t see an irrigation pipe and it tripped, with the pig flying over,” Gonzalez said.

While intrigued, Gonzalez said he wasn't surprised to hear about the family's appearance, as there have been several other Bigfoot sightings near East Fresno County overdo y the past five years.

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