Bikers Band Together When They Heard A Boy Was Being Bullied At School

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If you were an outcast in school, you know how hard it was on a day-to-day basis. Not having a group of friends to join made lunch, recess, and pretty much everything else a struggle.

For Phil Mick, an 11 year old in DeKalb, Indiana, not only did he not have many friends, he was also being physically abused by bullies at the school.

Last year at Christmas, Phil and his mother Tammy attended an event at a motorcycle shop in town. The dinner was for people who could not afford a Christmas celebration of their own. There, Tammy confided in Brent Warfield that Phil was being bullied at school.

Phil Mick with his new biker buddies.Fox 59

Tammy told Warfield that Phil would come home with bruises, which is when she knew the bullying was getting worse. Kids were punching, hitting, and calling Phil names because of his weight. Tammy says Phil's bullying got so bad, he contemplated committing suicide.

Warfield says Phil's story struck a chord with him.

“I was bullied when I was younger,” he told The Washington Post. “I know what it’s like to be picked on. I told his mom, ‘I’ve got a bunch of big-hearted biker friends who would love to help.’”

Warfield happens to be the director for United Motorcycle Enthusiasts, and he posted a plea for help on his Facebook page.

“Were hopefully going to make a positive [impact] for Phil and hopefully show the other kids that bullying isn’t cool.”

Continue reading to see how many bikers showed up to help Phil, and to see what they did.

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