She Picked A Bill Up Off The Ground And Was Arrested For Theft

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The Sun/ Sheffields

"Finders keepers" may not always be the case when it comes to stray money left on the ground. 23-year-old Nicole Bailey discovered that the hard way after picking up a stray bill from the ground.

While shopping, Nicole discovered £20 bill laying in a store freezer.

She did what most of us naturally would do, she picked it up. Not knowing who it belonged to, she pocketed the found money and continued about her shopping.

What she didn't know was the bill had been dropped by a wheelchair-bound customer, who had alerted staff when he discovered his cash was missing.

After checking the security cameras, it was discovered that Nicole had picked up the money. Police called the woman, who was a regular shopper at the store, and she came in voluntarily for a meeting.

"The manager recognized the woman, who was a regular customer," Prosecutor Ruth Bentley said.

What she found out at the meeting surprised not only her, but everyone who has ever picked something lost off the sidewalk.

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