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28-Year-Old Billionaire Wins Custody Of 13 Children Fathered By Surrogates

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13 babies are on their way to Japan to live with their 28-year-old 'super dad' in a bizarre story which has resulted in the Thai government changing their rules around surrogacy.

Mitsutoki Shigeta's name first hit headlines in 2014 when Thai police raided a large condo and found babies and their nannies living in unfurnished rooms with a Japanese secretary. Shigeta was identified as the father who was running what seemed like a "baby factory". Nine babies were taken out of the nannies' care at the time although it turned out that he had many more.

Shigeta has recently been granted sole custody of 13 of the babies he fathered. They will be travelling to Tokyo, Japan to live with their father and 4 more of his children who were also fathered through surrogacy.

Although he is a single man, Shigeta has promised to provide them with enough carers and nurses to take care of them and plans to enroll them in an international school when they're old enough.

Although Shigeta's surrogate factory was technically legal, the discovery shocked Thai authorities who quickly put rules in place to ensure foreigners would not be allowed to use Thailand's lax rules to create their large families.

Not much is known about Mitsutoki Shigeta. His lawyer represented him at all proceedings and even the surrogate mothers rarely met him.

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