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Lonely "Billionaire" Posts Personal Ad To Find Love

Emmanuel Fredenrich - Instagram

A lonely 20-year-old living in Manhattan is using a Facebook ad to try and meet the girl of his dreams.

The story sounds a little depressing so far, but the fact that Emmanuel Fredenrich describes himself as a "billionaire" and "supermodel" was enough to raise a few eyebrows.

As it turns out, the truth about this entrepreneur is even stranger - but he really is looking for love.

"I don't wear cheap clothes. And I don't worry about money."

Emmanuel Fredenrich
Emmanuel Fredenrich - Instagram

Originally from Geneva, Switzerland, Fredenrich describes himself as an Instagram influencer and the CEO of a supplement company, spent $196.78 on his personal ad.

It links back to his dating profile (beware of harsh language) - titled "Should you date this Swiss entrepreneur? Weird truth revealed below" -  which can only be described as bizarre, unusual, and seriously off-putting.

Fredenrich calls himself a "supermodel 6'4" billionaire," before admitting that he's actually 6'1".

Emmanuel Fredenrich
Emmanuel Fredenrich - Instagram

"I don't wear cheap clothes. And I don't worry about money," he writes.

"I don't have a schedule and I'm my own boss... Usually, after waking up around 9 a.m., I work four to five hours per day in an internet café from my laptop."

Fredenrich also brags that he has "probably experienced more 5-star hotels and Michelin restaurants than most people ever will in their entire lives."

But the biggest red flag of all comes when Fredenrich jokes that his company has been described as a scam by multiple people.

False Advertising

Emmanuel Fredenrich
Emmanuel Fredenrich - Instagram

Multiple sources have labeled Fredenrich's business, Nutrition Optimale, as a scam, and the entrepreneur has even shared those accusations on his own Facebook page.

There's also the troubling fact that Fredenrich has never been listed as a billionaire by wealth-tracking outlets like Forbes.

Fredenrich came clean to the Daily Mail, admitting that the ad was his way of attracting "women who are actually fun and who understand humor."

Emmanuel Fredenrich
Emmanuel Fredenrich

But the "billionaire" has a demanding list of qualities for his dream girl.

His ad was targeted towards women aged 18 to 22 in Manhattan, and Fredenrich says he's mainly interested in women who work in media or advertising.

He also expects his potential dates to be in good shape, and have an adventurous personality.

"In other words: yes," he writes, "unfortunately, most girls reading this will not qualify."

While his attitude definitely rubs some people the wrong way, the unusual businessman says his ad received 500 applications in the first 24 hours, and he already has a few dates lined up.

Is it wrong to lie on a dating profile? Or is Fredenrich just being creative in his search for love?

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