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Health Scare Puts Billy Brown From "˜Alaskan Bush People' In the Hospital


The Brown family are probably still unpacking moving boxes, after leaving their home in Alaska for Washington state last year.

But it seems like drama and health complications have followed the Alaskan Bush People stars to the lower 48.

While family matriarch Ami's cancer is in remission, and one of her children is in rehab, we've just learned that her husband Billy was in the hospital last week.

A Hospital Visit And A History Of Seizures

Ami Billy Brown Alaskan Bush People
While Ami is still recovering from lung cancer, Billy is facing his own health crisis.Discovery

When rumors began to swirl that Billy had been admitted to a hospital, a spokesperson from Discovery cleared the air with RadarOnline.com.

They said that the 65-year-old reality star is "suffering from an upper respiratory infection." But thankfully, Billy is already "at home right now in Washington taking care of it."

Another source revealed to the website that Billy "has been coughing a lot lately," but that the Browns are optimistic about his condition.

This was not the first health scare for the reality star either.

Alaskan Bush People Billy Brown
Billy has a history of seizures.Discovery

Billy previously suffered a seizure, which was caught on camera while filming Alaskan Bush People at the original Brown Town in Alaska.

At the time, his son Joshua (aka Bam Bam) told producers that this was very common for Billy.

"Even now and then he weirds out, gets all dingy, he has a seizure," he said. "It varies from so light he can kind of hide it from you, to so bad he just goes down and loses consciousness."

While Billy seems to be in good health on the reality show, there's no denying he's been under a lot of stress this year.

Bad Year For The Browns

Ami Brown lung cancer
Ami defied the odds to survive advanced lung cancer.Discovery

This year began with great news for the Browns, as Ami was told that her advanced lung cancer was in remission.

The family had put their careers on hold to move to California for Ami's treatment, and against all odds she managed to beat the disease.

While she still needs to get screenings every three months, and says the disease is "going to be part of my life forever," Ami is celebrating being cancer-free.

But focusing on Ami's health led to big changes for the Browns.

The family relocated closer to civilization, buying up a 400-acre property in Washington state, where they set up a ranch and continued filming their hit reality show.

Matt Brown rehab
Matt Brown, Billy and Ami's oldest child, checked himself into rehab last month.Discovery

But bad news broke again last month, as Ami and Billy's oldest son Matt checked himself into rehab.

"I'm really grateful for everyone's support and hope to have my life back on track soon."

In a statement, Matt mentioned the "ups and downs" his family had been through to explain why he was seeking treatment.

"I'm really grateful for everyone's support and hope to have my life back on track soon," he told fans.

This is the second stint in rehab for Matt, after a DUI arrest in 2016 forced him to straighten his life out.

Thankfully, Matt's siblings told fans that he's "getting the help he needs" in treatment.

In a new PSA, Matt's younger brother Bam Bam and little sister Rain spoke out about his addiction, and thanked fans for their support.

"We'd really like to thank everybody that has sent in well-wishes and prayers for Matt. We are all rooting for him," said Bam Bam.

"And if you or someone you know is struggling with mental health or substance abuse," Rain added, "please call 1(800)662-HELP to speak with someone confidentially. Love you and God Bless."

Despite all the bad news, there is a silver lining for the Brown family. Discovery will reportedly bring back Alaskan Bush People for a ninth season, which is said to focus on Ami and Matt's recovery.

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If you or someone you know is stuggling with mental health or substance abuse,you can call 1(800)662-HELP to speak with someone confidentially.

We're wishing Billy Brown a speedy recovery, and all the best for his family!

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