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This Is What Your Birth Flower Says About You


Every knows their zodiac and their birth stone, but birth flowers are a whole different category. Your birth flower can say a lot about you, and give you a look at what others see in you. Plus, it's handy to know your friends' flowers if they have a special occasion coming up and you want to get them a bouquet. What's more personal than flowers that directly relate to you?

Take a look at your birth flower and see if you agree with what it says.


Carnations and snowdrops are the flowers for January, but mainly carnations. They symbolize love, fascination, and distinction. However, make sure you're picking the right color! Pink carnations are a sign of affection. Red carnations means "I love you." White carnations mean "pure love." Those all sound great, but this is where it gets messy. If you give someone striped carnations, it means that you regret the love that isn't shared between you two. If you give them yellow carnations, then it's a sign of rejection and disappointment.

As for what it means about you, carnations mean you're genuine and down to earth. Everyone sees you as loyal, especially when it comes to family and friends. The love you have for those close to you cannot be matched


Violets and primrose are the flowers for February. Violets are not only beautiful, they also signify modesty and innocence. They also represent faithfulness and loyalty. For primrose, you generally give those to someone who you can't picture your life without.

Violets signify that you're wise beyond your years, though you generally like to keep to yourself. Even if you're not sharing your thoughts, you always love to dream big. It can take some time for you to open up to people but once you do, you're loyal.


Daffodils are given as a birth flower to those in March. They represent rebirth and unequal love. There are different interpretations depending on where you are in the world, but all beliefs around daffodils, no matter where you are, center around being lucky.

If you're represented by the daffodils, you love being peaceful and living a happy life. You love being creative, and being kind to those around you is just part of your nature. Smiling is basically a natural state of being for you.


Daisies are such a classic flower, and they signify loyal love and purity. When you give someone daisies, you're telling them that you see them as a confidant. The also represent purity, secrecy, innocence, and brightness.

Those represented by daisies are a happy-go-lucky people. Whenever you're around, people are automatically brightened up and love having you there.


Lily of the Valley flowers are so beautiful, and they signify the return of happiness. The also represent humility and sweetness. Don't get it twisted, though. These flowers can be very poisonous.

Despite the flower being poisonous, those represented by it are anything but. These people are practical and absolute sweethearts. They tend to handle difficult situations well and use logic as a regular tool.


This one is mine! Roses represent those born in June, and they symbolize love and passion. Roses also represent confidentiality - those born in June are great at keeping secrets. Much like carnations, different color roses mean different things. Pink roses mean happiness, red roses mean "I love you," white are a sign of new beginnings and purity, and orange are a sign of desire.

Those born in June get along with people very easily, and can make adjustments to new situations seamlessly. However, they have also been bitten by the hopeless-romantic bug. Sure it can be a good thing, but it can also lead to a lot of wild scenarios in their heads.


Delphiniums are an odd shape, usually similar to the nose of a dolphin (hence the name). These flowers represent openness and positivity. They also signify broad horizons, and can mean that better times are on their way.

If you're represented by delphiniums, then it means you're funny and lovable. People love being around you because you make them feel welcome and charmed. Your family knows that they always come first, no matter what is going on in your life.


The gladiolus flower is what represents those born in August. The name means sword or gladiator, which is why this flower is associated with strength and integrity.

If you're represented by the gladiolus flower, it means that you're an intellectual that will always work towards achieving their goals. You're often in a leadership at work, and much like your flower, your strength and integrity are unmatched.


Asters are the symbol of love and positivity. They're also associated with patience, daintiness, wealth, and royalty (you can thank the purple color for that).

If you were born in September, then you're a little bit of a perfectionist. Because of that, you can be a little emotional. This isn't a bad thing, though. Your clear understanding of your own emotions means that you're great at communication.


Marigolds are perfect for October, because their orange-yellow color mimic the autumn perfectly. They signify optimism and prosperity, two things that are definitely needed as the weather begins to cool down.

If you're represented b marigolds, you tend to be a warm, friendly, and easy-going person. You also love living a peaceful and harmonious life, avoiding unnecessary drama at all times.


Chrysanthemums are another classic flower (though pretty hard to say) and are often seen as a symbol of perfection. They are also color-dependent. Red means "I love you," white means pure love, and yellow means slightly loved.

If you're represented by chrysanthemums, it means you're honest, kind, and compassionate. You're quick to make friends, and you also tend to be a people-pleaser.


Very fittingly, December babies are represented by holly. It represents defense and protection, and if you give it to someone, it means you're wishing them "domestic happiness."

Those represented by holly love to be organized, and also love organizing those around them. However, much like the poisonous berries on the holly plant, those born in December can get very defensive when some criticizes something about their life.

Every month has a flower, which one is yours?

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