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Paris Jackson Shares Rare Photo Of Her Younger Brother 'Blanket' Jackson

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Paris, Prince, and Blanket Jackson have grown up a lot since their father died back in 2009. His sudden death was hard on the children, but they have found that together they can survive. Prince, the oldest child, was only 12 years old when he lost his father and had to act as a role model for his younger siblings, 11-year-old Paris and 7-year-old Blanket.

There were issues over the years, especially with Paris. She struggled with depression and drug addiction, but now at 19 she has managed to find her calling. She has started acting, and will soon be in a movie with Charlize Theron called Gringo.

Paris Jackson has been in the media a lot more than either of her siblings, especially now that she has become a model and actress, but her brothers tend to be a little bit more reclusive.

While Prince is seen every now and then, her little brother Blanket has been keeping out of the spotlight as much as possible. However, this Christmas, his sister shared a picture of what he looks like at age 15...

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