Blanket of Her Late Son is Stolen, But Her Reaction Caught Everyone Off Guard

Think of your most prized physical possession.

Is it a book? A teddy bear? Maybe an old sweater with lots of memories?

Now imagine someone rips that item from your life with no warning at all. How would you feel?

For one woman in Westport, New Zealand, her prized possession was a blanket that belonged to her late son. And in an instant it was gone.

The woman, Sala Ioane, hung out some laundry to dry and when she returned, everything was gone...including the blanket.

She took to a local Facebook group in an attempt to find who did it, but instead of the bitter and angry position most of us would take, she surprised everyone with understanding.

Instead of ripping into the thief for taking her things, Sala graciously asks if he or she needs help. She realizes there's a REASON someone would have to steal children's clothing and blankets. Rather than be upset, she just tried to make sure the kids are okay.

"I could have made the situation worse... or changed it completely... I chose to change it completely," Ioane says.

The next day, Ioane posted this:


"[The woman] said in the letter she was in an abusive relationship and her partner had taken everything including her kids' clothes, and money from her kids' piggy-bank," Ioane said. "I felt for her."

Within hours, this story was circulating online. Not a single person passed judgement on the woman who stole the items, but rather offered support and words of kindness for the way the situation was handled.

As for Sala Ioane, she says she didn't do it to be a hero, but that she's "just a mother who can relate to real struggle and know it all too well".

Would you have done the same thing?

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