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Blind Cat Can't Ask For What She Needs Like Other Cats, But She Managed To Find A Genius Trick

Cats are pretty good at letting you know when they need something. They'll claw, meow, and knock things over just to get your attention. My cat knows exactly when she's supposed to be fed, and she's relentless until it happens. If she sees the bottom of her food dish, it's game over.

For little Winnie, however, she can't use her sight to tell when she needs things. Winnie was the runt of a litter, and when rescuers found her, they realized she was blind.

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Winnie gets around pretty well, considering she can't see anything. Her owner, Kristopher Smith, says the little cat can sometimes run into things, but other than that she's pretty normal.

“She's actually the best in the house at catching flies, and I'm not sure how,” Smith told The Dodo. “She meows normally but also has a chirp that she uses when she starts running around or when she gets excited, which makes me think she uses it almost like sonar or echolocation.”

Winnie quickly became a family favorite, and when her new mom had to have brain surgery, Smith snuck Winnie into the hospital to comfort her.

“I got the nurse to let me sneak Winnie into the ICU to visit her and she did amazing,” Smith said. “I would have never imagined a cat being easygoing in a situation like that, let alone a blind cat. She fell asleep on the hospital bed with her momma until we had to leave.”

The Dodo

Because of her setback, Winnie has had to find a different way than her animal siblings to communicate with her family.

Winnie's water bowl was empty one day, and she needed to get someone's attention. The problem is, she can't very well walk over to Smith and let him know she needs something. Instead, Winnie had to think outside the box...or inside the bowl.

“She was sitting in the bowl for a few minutes before I noticed,” Smith said. “She hopped out and started chirping when she heard me coming for the bowl.”


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Winnie's strategy certainly got Smith's attention, and I think it's safe to say she won't run low on water again.

Fill it. #blindkitty

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Winnie isn't just a cute little fluff ball, either. She's also helping people who need it. Both her parents work at a dementia care facility, and she's routinely been spotted at the facility, helping to bring the patients joy and laughter.

“She really is a special cat and everyone that meets her just loves her,” Smith said.

You can follow Winnie's adventures on Instagram.

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