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Blind Woman Trapped In A Burning House Is Rescued When Her Dog Dials 911

NBC Philadelphia

Christina Colon is blind, in her sixties, and lives alone. So when she woke up one night to hear 2 strangers had broken into her home, she knew she was in grave danger.

Colon, who lives in Philadelphia, was woken up by the sound of her service dog Yolanda's growling. Before Colon could react, Yolanda had run out of the bedroom, pulled the door shut behind her, and confronted the burglars. The dog managed to chase the men out, but not before they turned on Colon's stove.

Colon's home quickly filled with gas, and she raced to reach her phone and call 911 before passing out, desperately telling the operator "I can't breathe!" But the police were already outside Colon's front door.

During the commotion, Yolanda had used a special emergency button on Colon's phone to call for help. Her speedy response helped police rescue Colon, but also to catch the burglars as they fled.

People called Yolanda a hero, but that wasn't enough for Colon. "Maybe for you she is the hero," she told NBC 10. "But for me, she is my angel. She protects me every time."

In fact, a few years later Yolanda rescued her owner from an even bigger danger...

A few months ago Colon woke up in the middle of the night once again to discover she was in serious trouble.

Her house had caught fire, and the smoke blowing into her bedroom woke her up. "I said, 'Oh my God, It's smoke. And I can't breathe.'" She shouted the word "danger" right away, signalling to Yolanda to get help.

Yolanda rushed out of the room, and what her owner heard next told her everything would be alright. "I hear the phone — tke, tke, tke. And she's growling. And I said, 'Oh my lord, she called the police,'" Colon said.

First responders rushed to Colon's home and rescued her and Yolanda from the burning building. The pair were treated for smoke inhalation, and Yolanda had scratched her eye during the rescue, but they pair were both happy and healthy when they were finally reunited.

Incredibly, this was actually the 3rd time Yolanda rescued her owner. She also called 911 last year when Colon passed out in her home. This time the "angel" dog was rewarded with dog toys and lots of treats.

"I'm her Mommy, and she loves me too much," a grateful Colon told local news.

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