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Bob Barker Rushed To Emergency After Incident At Home

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Everyone grew up watching Bob Barker on The Price Is Right. Home sick? Price Is Right. Afternoon at Grandma's? Price Is Right. Lazy weekend? Price Is Right reruns.

We all had a favorite game. Mine was the Cliffhangers game as well as Plinko (obviously.)

Price is Right has made some headlines since Bob Barker left the show, but honestly those moments would have been better with him.

Imagine how excited he would have been when this contestant set a new record for winnings while playing Plinko!

Or when ALL THREE of these contestants spun a dollar!

And yes, we know that winning Price is Right actually kinda sucks. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't have given an arm and a leg to meet Bob Barker.

The long-time game show host unfortunately ended his run on the show, replaced by Drew Carey, in 2007.

After telling us to have our pets spayed or neutered for the last time, Barker took a step back from the spotlight. He was 84, so can you really blame him?

Now 93 years old, Bob Barker is still living his life, albeit at a slower pace.

He worried his fans, however, when it was announced that the beloved TV personality was rushed to the emergency room recently.

The next page has details on his hospitalization and his current status.

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