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25 Ways To Use Bobby Pins That Have Nothing To Do With Your Hair

I've got about 5,000 bobby pins lying around my house, and I honestly don't even remember buying half of them. It seems they appear out of thin air, except when I actually need them for my hair!

The little pins are handy when trying to style your bangs, but what about other uses? Are they a one-trick pony? Not at all. It turns out there are a ton of uses for bobby pins in your everyday life!

1. Fasten A Loose Belt End

Sometimes your belt is too long, even after you've but it through the belt loop. Instead of walking around with a floppy belt end, fasten it your pants or belt using a bobby pin. It may also be time to buy a smaller belt!

2. Unclog Drains

If you've got long hair like me, then you'll know how quickly drains can get clogged. No one wants to reach their fingers in there to retrieve all the hair, but a bobby pin will do just the trick. If the hair is further down the drain, unbend the bobby pin to make its reach longer.

3. Keep Yarn Wound

As a knitter, keeping my yarn wound when I'm not working on a project is tricky. I've got a bucket full of yarn that gets tangled with itself, until I realized I could use my bobby pins! Simply use the bobby pin to keep the end of your yarn in place, and you won't have to untangle it again.

4. Reset Your Electronics

A lot of electronics require a small pin to reset them, and those aren't something we all have lying around. But a bobby pin, more often than not, will fit into that small so you can reset whatever it is that's not working. Be careful not to push too hard, though. You don't want to break through the button.

5. Clip Chip Bags

It's rare that a bag of chips lasts more than a day in my house, but if it does, I need something to keep them from going stale. Bobby pins act as a perfect chip clip, and can really keep any snack bag closed in a pinch.

6. Hang Christmas Ornaments

We used to have hooks for our Christmas ornaments, but they kept falling off the tree (or the ornament!) and we'd have hooks all over the floor. Then I realized you can use bobby pins to hang them instead!

Slide the bobby pin through the same place you would the hook, and then clip it to a branch on the tree. The grip of the bobby pin will keep your ornaments firmly in place.

7. Pit Cherries And Olives

When the summer rolls around, cherries are my favorite snack. The pits make them tricky to eat, and I'm too cheap to buy an actual pitter. But did you know that bobby pins will do the same trick?

Bobby pins are the perfect size to fit around the pits in cherries. All you have to do is push the end with the opening through the middle of the cherry until it comes out the other side. Pull the bobby pin the rest of the way, and you'll have a pit-free cherry in no time.

This same trick works with olives.

8. Dot Nail Designs

Nail art always looks so cute, but it's hard to get the designs just right. A classic design is polka dots, but not everyone has the specialized tools to make the design perfect.

Luckily you don't have to spend the money to buy the fancy tools anymore, you can just use bobby pins! Dip the rounded ends of the pin into your nail polish, and lightly dot your nails in whatever pattern you want. You'll get cute dots with minimal effort!

9. Mark The Tape End

I've got about three rolls of packing tape in my house that are on the go, and finding the end on all of them just about gives me a stroke! I realized, though, that the next time I use a roll of tape, I could mark the end of the roll with a bobby pin. What a game changer!

10. Spool Thread

If you're in a pinch and need a spool, a bobby pin will do just the trick. It's a great way to bring thread with you while you're traveling, because you don't have to bring the entire spool with you. Just bring enough that if you lost a button, you could sew it back on!

11. Keep Papers Together

I honestly can't remember the last time I bought paper clips, because I've been using bobby pins for so long. I actually find that they work better, because the pin is longer so it can hold a few more pages.

12. Hold Nails In Place

I like to think of myself as a decent handy-woman, but my thumbs would beg to differ! Whenever I go to hammer a nail, I always seem to miss. Then it dawned on me that I could use a bobby pin to hold the nail in place, keeping my thumbs safe from damage.

13. Mark Your Page

I've gone through so many bookmarks I can't keep count. They always seem to fall out of my book when I'm on the go. My friend asked why I don't just dog-ear the page, but I don't like ruining my books like that.

I figured if a bobby pin can hold my bangs back, it can mark my page, too! Just slide the pin over whatever page you're on and you're set! It will stay in place, and you'll always know where you left off.

14. Open Jars And Bottles

Jars and bottles that come with plastic coating over the lid are my nemesis. My nails are too long to use, and I'm always worried I'll break one off. I also hate using knives to slice through it, because that seems like a disaster waiting to happen.

Even though bobby pins aren't sharp, they have enough of a point that you can break through that plastic coating without breaking a nail or causing yourself bodily harm.

15. Hang Wet Clothes

Clothespins can take up a lot of space, and while for some things they're necessary, smaller articles of clothing can be hung using bobby pins. Slide the pin over the line and the piece of clothing, and you'll have a make-shift clothespin in no time.

Of course, this won't work on larger items like duvets or jeans, but if you're hanging up delicates it will do the trick.

16. Screw Things In

Sometimes you need a screwdriver just to tighten something up, but you don't want to go digging through the storage room or the garage to find one. All you have to do is find a bobby pin and use that! It may not fit perfectly into the screw head, but it will be enough that the screw gets tightened until you're able to fix it properly.

17. Fix A Broken Zipper

Is it just me, or are zippers becoming more and more fragile! The little toggle that you pull on seems to break so frequently, especially on clothing for kids. If you're tired of paying to have the zippers on all your jackets fixed, just use a bobby pin!

Slide the bobby pin through the little latch on your jacket, and voila! You can also use this trick on bags or backpacks. If you wanted to get really fancy, you could take a pair of pliers and twist the bobby pin closed.

18. Contouring Makeup Brush

I'm not big on contouring, but I have a lot of friends who are. That being said, they hate spending money on brushes, and I can't say I blame them. An easy way to make your own, narrow contouring brush is by taking two bobby pins and fixing them across a normal powder brush. It will change the shape entirely and make it easier to get the out-of-a-magazine look.

19. Smoke A Cigarette

I'm proud to say I'm not a smoker, but I know a lot of people who are. Considering the price of cigarettes these days, I'm surprised anyone can still afford to! If you want to get the most out of a pack of smokes, carry a bobby pin with you.

Attach a bobby pin to the filter of the cigarette and use that to hold the smoke. You'll be able to smoke the cigarette until the bitter end without burning your fingers.

20. Clean Crevasses

In between tiles, in your car vents, and in the corner of walls can be tricky places to clean, considering nothing fits in those spaces. Well, next to nothing. You can easily use a bobby pin to get in those hard-to-reach places and get a deep clean. If the space allows, attach a wet piece of paper towel to the bobby pin to really pick up the dust.

21. Lock Picker

We've all been locked out of our car or house before, and if you don't have roadside assistance, it can be a waking nightmare. Depending on the type of car you're driving, you might be able to pick the lock with a bobby pin and get yourself back in. The same thing goes for your house.

Be careful, though. The bobby pin could damage the interior of the lock, so make sure you're only doing this if it's your last option.

22. Keep Your Tie In Place

If you're not someone who dresses up often, you probably don't own a tie clip. But, having the back flap of your tie stick out from the top can be pretty unsightly when you do get fancy. A bobby pin is a perfect solution to your problem. Fasten it the same way you would a tie clip and you'll be good to go.

23. Go Fishing

Alright, this might be a bit of a stretch, but if you find yourself on an impromptu fishing trip, a bobby pin can easily be transformed into a hook. The fishing pole though? You're on your own.

24. Squeeze The Toothpaste Tube

Getting to the end of the toothpaste tube makes it trickier for the paste to come out, but you don't have to awkwardly squeeze it in order to get the last drop. Take a bobby pin and slide it down the tube, squishing out every last bit of toothpaste.

25. Hold Fabric While Sewing

I've done my fair share of sewing projects, and nothing is more frustrating than when your fabric shifts and your stitching is off. You can avoid this by taking a bobby pin and clasping both pieces together. You won't have additional needle holes, and you'll get straight stitching every time.

Whether you find them in the the car, on the floor, or at the bottom of your purse, bobby pins seem to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. They have more uses than just your hair, and they can save your butt in a pinch!

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