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Body Language Experts Compare Harry And Meghan's Relationship With Will and Kate's


When we finally heard the good news that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were officially engaged, the world waited in anticipation of their first interview together.

The couple's 20-minute talk revealed new details about how they fell in love, how Harry popped the question, and the happy couple's dreams for the future. But even if you were watching really closely, you probably missed a lot. That's because couples say so much with very small gestures, and if you don't know what to look for, you're missing out.

These two just can't take their eyes off each other.Slate

Thankfully, body language experts have combed through the footage, analyzing every little glance, blink and hand gesture, revealing exactly what's on Harry and Meghan's minds.

The first and most obvious comparison is that the younger prince is much more relaxed than his brother was in the same situation. Prince William and Kate Middleton sat down for their first interview as a couple in 2010, a year before their wedding.

Will and Kate seemed much less cozy during their first interview.BBC

Both the prince and his future fiance seemed very stiff, a sure sign of nervousness and anxiety, but the fact that they "mirror" each other's body language reveals they're deeply in love.

The camera also caught lots of warm, loving glances between the pair. Experts say that Kate's use of hand gestures, especially when Will is telling a story, reveal that she's the more serious, "adult" person in this relationship.

But when you compare this interview to Harry and Meghan's, it's like night and day.

Compared to Harry's buttoned-up brother and the very serious Kate, the younger prince and his fiance seem totally relaxed during their first interview together.

The couple weren't afraid to joke and have fun.People

The first thing you'll notice is they're sitting much closer together on the couch, a sign they feel comfortable with one another, and they're also holding hands for almost the entire interview. That's not just a sign of closeness, it's also a way of reassuring your partner during a stressful time - like a royal engagement and the media circus surrounding it.

The couple are often spotted holding hands in public as well.ABC News

Both Harry and Meghan look lovingly at each other throughout the interview, but Meghan gives lots of long, steady eye contact to the prince. "Clearly, they're not hiding anything from each other, or trying to hide emotions from us," body language expert Traci Brown told Good Housekeeping.

For most of the interview the couple laugh and joke, but things get serious at two different points.

When the interviewer asks about their plans for starting a family, the couple get visibly nervous. Meghan starts touching her hair, and blinking quickly. Harry also shuts down the question, so it seems they want their plans to stay private for now.

Harry also gets noticeably emotional and serious while explaining how Princess Diana's diamonds feature in Meghan's engagement ring. Look closely: Meghan rubs her thumb on his hand while he answers this question, reassuring him that everything is okay.

If that's not love, then what is?

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