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7 Simple Body Language Tricks That Can Make Your Life A Lot Easier

While we've all heard that your body language can say a lot about you, sometimes it's hard to know exactly what it's saying.

Are you accidentally coming off too insecure? Are you appearing too aggressive? There's a lot your body gives away without you even realizing it, but you can also take those subtle gestures and use them to your advantage.

You can use these little "power poses" as ways to get a job, to connect with your partner, and even calm your children down. It's simple little changes you can make to your posture and voice that can change the mood in a situation within seconds.

These are some situations where you can influence someone with just a shift in body language:

1. To be more persuasive

If you want to be convincing in a meeting or a presentation, a simple thing you can do is speak in a low-pitched voice.

Now you don't have to try and sound like Andre the Giant or anything, but by speaking at the lower end of your regular range you'll seem more calm and relaxed.

This is because stress causes your vocal cords to constrict, making it come out higher, so if you can relax them before speaking, you'll seem much less anxious.

2. To be able to make a sincere apology

You know how sometimes when you apologize it doesn't sound like you actually mean it?

When you do something wrong, you've obviously got to say you're sorry, but to make sure it's coming across as an honest and sincere sentiment, make sure you keep your chin centered.

If your chin is held to high, it's going to look like you are looking down on them, if your chin is tucked in low you will look weak. But a centered chin makes you look confident in your words, which makes the apology come off as sincere.

3. To help inspire creativity

talking with your hands
iStockphoto/Franz Pfluegl

A lot of people feel like creativity is one of those things that you either have or you don't, but there's actually a lot you can do to work on it.

One simple thing you can do is move your hands while you brainstorm. The simple gesture of talking with your hands can help get your brain going, and people who talk with both hands have been proven to be more creative.

4. To help curb cravings

It might seem impossible that a change in body language could affect your weight, but the Journal of Consumer Research found that people who tensed their arms when offered an unhealthy snack were more likely to refuse it and choose a healthier option.

Anyone who has been on a diet before knows that it's these little quick cravings that can throw us off completely, so having a little trick to get around it can make a difference.

5. To show interest in a date

If you're on a date and it's going well, the best way to display your interest is by putting your hand on the table with your fingers pointed towards them.

However, if it's not going well, Match.com suggests sitting in a way where your hands are concealed.

It's a simple difference, but it can make you seem more open or closed off, depending on which you want to do.

6. To help calm kids down

It can be really stressful when your child is upset, but you need to do everything you can to not let that stress come across.

You should speak slowly, and in a quieter tone, because a loud, fast voice will only continue to increase their anger or fear.

Another beneficial trick that researchers at the University of Maryland have found was that playing a game where they have to repeat a sentence with five second pauses between words helps them regain focus.

7. To land the perfect job

Wonder Woman Power Pose

If you're heading into an interview, social psychologist Amy Cuddy suggests that you try out a few "power poses" right before you go in.

Just two minutes standing with your hands on your hips or with your arms in a 'V' lowers stress levels and makes you feel more powerful.

Confidence is everything in an interview, so why not give it a try!

Use all of these tricks in your life to make sure you're giving the best impressions every time!

There have been many times where people are judged by their body language. Whether it's Meghan and Harry's relationship vs. William and Kate's, or everyone's favorite Fixer Uppers.

The right body language can help you feel more confident, but even if you don't feel it, you'll at least be able to trick people into thinking you are!

Source - Reader's Digest