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Here's Why You Should Always Go To Bed With Your Socks On

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What's your secret to a good night's sleep?

Personally, I like to leave the window slightly open and keep the fan running all night long.

For others, turning off all electronics, playing white noise in the background, sleeping on the left side, or using a special pillow may be what they need for a comfortable and peaceful slumber.

Then there's the 16% of the population who wear socks to bed because they believe that it helps them sleep better.

Sleeping with socks on has long been a topic of debate, with many saying that it's gross and causes smelly feet in the morning.

However, researchers have finally weighed in, and what they have to say may change your mind about sleeping barefoot.

The Benefits

According to a study published in the International Weekly Journal of Science, by keeping your feet warm, your blood vessels dilate, a process known as vasodilation, and makes it easier for the brain to open blood vessels in the hands and feet.

This will ensure that heat is evenly distributed throughout the body, which is crucial for a great sleep.

This means that not only do people who wear socks have better sleep, they fall asleep fifteen minutes faster than those who don't.

The researchers also found that sleeping with socks on improves dry feet, especially during the winter months, and helps alleviate night sweats as well as hot flashes.

People who suffer from Raynaud's disease, a rare disorder of the blood vessels in the toes and fingers, might want to consider wearing socks to bed to prevent the blood vessels from reacting to the room's cold temperatures.

Also, for those who are concerned about the lack of sexiness in hitting the hay with socks on, it may be helpful to know that it is actually a libido-booster and increases orgasms by 30 percent.

A 2011 study by the University of Grongen in the Netherlands showed that 80 percent of the female participants who wore socks to bed were able to orgasm, compared to the 50 percent who were barefoot when they had intercourse.

Helpful tips for wearing socks to bed:

  • Always wear a clean pair of socks to bed.
  • Avoid socks that are too thick, like compression socks. These won't allow your feet to breathe and could result in restless sleep. Opt for socks made from natural, breathable materials.
  • If you shower or bathe before bed, make sure to dry your feet well before putting socks on. This will ensure that there won't be any bacteria growth while your feet are covered.

Do you wear socks to bed? Let us know in the comments!

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