New Decorating Trend Is Dividing Book Lovers Everywhere


People who love reading love more than just the books they're currently reading, they love the books they already read. I don't mean the stories, although of course those are cherished, I mean the physical book.

Ask any bookworm and they'll agree. People might range from super uptight where they don't even crack the spins, to the more easy-going readers who will dog-ear a page to mark their spot, but they still love their books.

Where to keep the books in your house can pose a bit of a problem. Bookcases are expensive and they take up a lot of room. An avid reader will still find a way to stash their stories away, or put them on display.

Whether it's tucked away in a corner or made the centerpiece of a room, we all know that a book goes spine-side out right?

Well, apparently not.

Natasha Meininger runs the Outside and In interior design blog and she took to Instagram to share her love of storing her books spine-side in.

"My book collection is huge so it was important to me from a design standpoint to find a creative way to store my accumulation," she told TODAY.

She explained that while she has read thousands of books, she's only reread "about 20" so she doesn't need to be able to see which book is on which shelf.

It's a statement that most people just can't agree with.

While the rooms are undeniably beautiful, there's something that just seems so wrong about storing a book backwards!

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