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5-Year-Old Boy's 911 Call To Stop The Grinch From Stealing Christmas Goes Viral

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USA Today / Clarion Ledger

Parents have said this till their mouths have gone dry: "If there's ever an emergency and you need help, call 911."

Well, in a child's life, there's a lot of things that count as an "emergency."

One four-year-old boy was having trouble figuring out his math homework, and to him that felt like an emergency, so he dialed three numbers to get the help he needed.

Another time, four and six-year-old siblings from upstate New York decided that writing a letter was not the best way in getting in contact with Santa Claus. They called up the police station and requested to speak to the Man in Red himself. Let's just say the officers were not pleased.

Five-year-old TyLon Pittman did not want to speak to Santa Claus, but wanted to warn local authorities about one of Jolly Old St. Nick's enemies - the Grinch.

What happened next will warm your heart!

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