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Boy Devastated After Parent's Miscarriage, What Comes After Will Bring You To Tears

Jessica Marotta via CafeMom

There's nothing more important in life than family. Jessica Marotta's son, Mikey, knows this better than anyone.

For years, the boy has been repeatedly asking his parents for another sibling, specifically a boy.

"Mikey was a surprise for us a month after we had gotten engaged and we did not think we would have any trouble the second time around," Jessica shared with Love What Matters

To make their son's wish come true, the couple started trying to have another baby when Mikey was three years old.

"Month after month passed and we got more and more discouraged every time we saw the negative sign on the pregnancy test."

It wasn't until they consulted a fertility specialist two years later that Jessica got pregnant

"We finally got that positive test," she recalled. "We were over the moon with excitement."

Unfortunately, the baby did not survive.

"Before the OB hung up, I had to know… ‘Did you find out the sex?,’ I asked. She kindly answered, ‘yes, it was a male.’ It took my breath away. Mikey had gotten his baby brother, except now he was our angel baby."

After this devastating miscarriage, the couple decided to give up trying to have another baby.

Jessica and her husband, Mike, told their only child that he may not be a big brother.  

"After [the miscarriage], every time Mikey asked for his baby brother, we would explain to him that there may be a chance that he may never get a baby brother. It broke our hearts to say these words to him, but we found a way to settle into a life just the three of us."

Not too long after giving up on having another child, Jessica noticed something strange.

When Mikey just started going to kindergarten, she noticed herself more emotional and exhausted than before.

"I knew something was off, but I did not want to get too excited."

When she found out she was pregnant with a boy, the couple were "excited but cautious."

Jessica made it past the first trimester, but she was given with some devastating news soon after.

"The doctor shared with us a grim diagnosis, severe Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR) and there was a high risk of uterine demise (their words, not ours). I was 23 weeks pregnant, but our baby was measuring about five weeks behind in size. Legally, the doctor had to give us the option to terminate the pregnancy."

Despite all these difficulties, Mikey's wish did come true.

The rainbow baby, which is a baby born after a miscarriage, stillborn, or neonatal death, was born at 30 weeks and six days.

Because Jake was in the NICU, Mikey was "filled with sadness" because he couldn't hold his baby brother.

The six-year-old boy would try to touch his brother through the porthole or kiss him anytime nurses took him out.

But one day, the nurse let him have skin-to-skin contact with his brother, and the image of these two boys will warm your heart.

Two months after being in the NICU, Jake was strong enough to go home with his brother.

"His homecoming was one of the happiest days of our lives," Jessica recalled.

"I feel honored to witness their love. Their bond is amazing, and my husband and I often say that we wish Jake looked at us the way he looks at Mikey."

Here are more adorable photos of the destined brothers

Share Jessica's heartwarming story to celebrate National Rainbow Baby Day in the U.S!

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