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Boy Dog Becomes Doting 'Mother Hen' And Parents Couldn't Be Happier

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When his parents adopted Mac the dog from Love At First Sight in Nashville, Tennessee, they knew that they immediately had added a very special soul to their family.

Adoptive mother, Brittany Gillott, tells The Dodo that from the first day they met, Mac "was really calm and quiet." “He’s a really lovable dog — everybody who meets him falls in love with him. He’s gentle and kind, and he loves other dogs,” she said.

But Mac's sweet side had depths to it that even they couldn't have anticipated.

Follow the leader! Now that the chicks are outside full time, Mac is helping them explore the yard.

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One day, Mac's parents brought home a brown box and tentatively opened it for their big softie to sniff. Although they knew that Mac was sweet and gentle with other dogs, but they weren't so sure how he'd react to baby chickens.

Chicks are here!! 🐥🐥🐥🐥🐥🐥 #macandchicks #dayone #sixchicks #tractorsupplychickdays #tractorsupply

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The little chickens were so small and vulnerable, that his parents decided to keep them in another room of the house - out of Mac's reach.

But Mac had other ideas and one day he nudged his way into the room...

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