Boy Required 65 Surgeries After Consuming This Tiny Item. Check Your House Now To Protect Your Kids

When Emmett Rauch started coughing up blood, his parents clearly knew something was wrong.

Karla and Michael tried so hard to baby-proof their house, but they missed one thing: the DVD remote.

After Emmett's first birthday, his parents noticed he was getting very lethargic and feverish so they took him to the doctor, who said Emmett had a common cold. A few days later, he was coughing up blood.

Little Emmett was rushed to the ER, where he had many tests and X-rays done to figure out what was happening. That's when the doctors figured it out.


Emmett had swallowed a small battery from the DVD remote and it had gotten lodged in his throat.

Doctors were able to remove the battery, but things went from bad to worse: the battery had started leaking, and Emmett's trachea and been severely burned. Over the course of 5 years, Emmett needed 65 surgeries, along with hours of speech, physical, and occupational therapy.

Karla and Michael are hoping their story will shed light on the danger of batteries.

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