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Boy Sent Home From First Day Of Kindergarten Because Of His Hair

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Anyone who has raised a child knows there are just certain things that make them special. For Jessica Oates, her son's desire to not cut his hair makes him who he is.

“He’s never had a haircut. It’s just kind of a part of his identity,” said Oates.

Unfortunately for Oates and her son, the school he's about to attend doesn't feel the same way about who he chooses to be. Barbers Hill in Mont Belvieu Texas sent the kindergarten student home when they saw the 'do he was sporting on the first day of school.

The child's hair is long, yes, but it seems relatively well-kept. It's certainly better than my hair on some days.

Now, Jessica is in a heated battle with the school to get her son back in class, claiming his hair shouldn't be an issue.

"I don't believe that short hair should be required to get an education," said Oates.

But, the school wants to make something clear about Oates and her son.

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