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10-Year-Old Boy Starts Yodeling In Walmart - His Voice Stuns The World

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Nowadays it seems like anyone can start their music careers just by posting a video of them singing on the internet.

However, it takes quite the special talent to get noticed and launch a successful career.

Pop singer Justin Bieber was able to accomplish this at an early age. He used to sing in the streets as a kid, until he started posting his singing videos on YouTube so that his grandmother could watch them.

Over the years, he amassed a large group of followers. He was discovered by Usher, and the rest is history!

It's probably every kid's dream in America to reach that level of fame that Justin Bieber has. But all you need is the right talent and supportive followers.

While this 10-year-old boy singing in Walmart may not be the next Justin Bieber, he has a good shot at it.

Mason Ramsey has dreamed of becoming a country western singer for as long as he can remember.

Two years ago, he won first place in the Beginner Division of the 27th Annual Kentucky Opry Talent Search.

His acoustic cover of Hank Williams's beloved song "Hey Good Lookin'" on YouTube also helped to boost his popularity.

But it's his recent visit to his local Walmart store in Harrisburg, Illinois that's got a lot of people talking...

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