Boy Works Through The Night To Help Find His Stolen Fish

When a robbery happens, usually it's the police that take charge, but one 5-year-old boy has decided that what they are doing just isn't enough.

The Squire's Badshot Lea Garden Center had a Koi pond that housed 10 Koi Carp and people, especially children, loved to watch them swim. On March 15th, someone stole all 10 of the fish from the pond which were valued at £7,725.

One boy in particular took the news pretty hard and his father shared how he was coping.

He said his Harry spent all night drawing missing posters of the fish, hoping to help. After the internet saw how much Harry loved the Koi, they made sure to let the staff know and they couldn't be more touched.

They got in contact with the family and arranged a special afternoon with him to meet the new Koi Carp residents as well as all the other residents in the center.

He met the new Koi Carps, then headed over to meet some reptiles including a tortoise and a snake.He got to play with some of the small rodents and parrot before he was able to show off all the posters he had made.

The staff was happy to see all the work that Harry put in to help them find their stolen fish.

The store even treated him to a fancy dinner with his favorite cake to thank him for his help!

It's nice to see that the future generation is willing to help out as much as they can!

If you have any information about the theft, Squire's Garden Centres would like you get in touch with them, and Harry would appreciate it too.