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Bourbon Drinkers Are Boycotting Jim Beam Because Of Mila Kunis

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In 2014, Mila Kunis became the face of Jim Beam when she released three commercials on behalf of the iconic whisky brand.

"Anyone would want to share a Jim Beam with Mila," the company's senior vice president, Kevin George said. "We love that about her, and couldn't be happier to have her join the Jim Beam family."

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The whiskey company, which has been around since 1795, sought out the Bad Moms actress for several reasons including, her love of bourbon, her warm personality and for the global relevance that she can bring to the brand.

"As a fan of bourbon and a huge proponent of making history, I am thrilled to be the newest member of the Jim Beam family," the Ted star added in the statement.


But after her recent statement with talk show host Conan, they may have to rethink their marketing strategy.

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