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Boy's Adorable Letter Helped His Best Friend Get A New Wheelchair

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Sometimes it takes a child's act of kindness to remind the whole world what friendship really looks like.

Paul Burnett and Kamden Houshan have been friends since they met in kindergarten. Like other kids Kamden loves superheroes and fun YouTube videos, but most of the kids in his class couldn't look past his wheelchair.

Kamden was born with a tumor on his spine that has left him in a wheelchair. While he can go to school and get around on his own, it doesn't let him do much else. California's medical program only offers Kamden a new wheelchair every 5 years, which means he's stuck in a bulky and heavy one.

Kamden's chair is too wide to fit through his front door or even his bathroom, so his mother Yvonne has to carry him onto the toilet every day. Plus, the chair has a nasty habit of tipping over and throwing Kamden out whenever he's on uneven ground.

Kamden and Paul with their 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Araiza.Jenny Burnett / GoFundMe

Paul heard about all of Kamden's problems, but unlike most people he actually decided to do something about it. While he knew Kamden's family couldn't afford a new chair, Paul had heard about fundraising websites like GoFundMe.

With the help of his mom and an adorable letter about his best friend, Paul's fundraiser surprised everyone.

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