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11 Ways To Reuse Those Annoying Bread Clips And Save Money

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We all like to think that we're eco-conscious and thrifty, but we don't recycle as much as we should.

I'll be the first to admit that I throw out all kinds of plastic containers, old clothes, and other things I could probably re-use.

One of the most overlooked objects that we all have in our homes are bread clips.

These colorful tags get chucked into the garbage once we finish a loaf, but they can do so much more.

Until recently, I was still wasting these clips. Here are 11 ways I should have been recycling them instead:

1. Organize elastic bands or hair bands

Whether you have long hair or just enjoy crafts, chances are you have some of these all over your house.

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You can keep them organized and in one place by feeding the bands through the clip. It's the perfect size to hold them in place for you.

2. Make a bookmark

The "mouth" of the grip has two sides that can slide in opposite directions. Put them on either side of a page and you have a grippy bookmark that will never lose your place.

How convenient!

3. Label wine glasses

So you're hosting a party and everyone is having a glass of wine. How do you tell who the glasses belong to when they're all sitting beside each other?

Slap on one of these clips and suddenly everyone's drink is color-coordinated.

4. Clip socks and mittens together

How does that rhyme go? Three little kittens had lost their mittens, until their mother clipped them together with bread tags.

You'll never deal with a missing sock again once they're held together by these plastic tags.

5. A clip-on rest for wet utensils

My least favorite part of cooking is when I need to set my stirring spoon down, and leave a mess on my kitchen counter.

But if you attach a clip to the utensil, and use it as a stand, it will keep your counters nice and clean.

The same tip also works for paintbrushes.Survival at Home

6. Mark the end of a piece of tape

Ever since someone showed this to me, I do it during every painting project.

When you peel off a piece of tape, leave the clip under the end. You can use it to peel off the next piece perfectly, and you never lose the end of the roll.

7. Label cords

If you've ever needed to unplug a device or move cords around, you know how confusing it gets. They all look identical and disappear behind the TV, and you wind up unplugging the wrong thing.

With labeled bread clips you can always spot at a glance which cord goes where.

8. Store extra thread or yarn

I love making crafts, which means my house is dotted with little piles of leftover materials. An easy way to clean up extra string or thread is to wrap it around a bread clip.

It also makes a perfect little supply to carry around for pastimes like finger knitting.

9. Wind your headphones around it

Just like thread, you can wind your headphones around a bread tag to keep them from getting knotted.

I keep a bread tag on me to put my headphones around, and they never come out of my pocket tangled.

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10. Open a key ring

You can wreck your finger nails trying to get these darn things open. Or, just slide a plastic clip into the end and watch as it opens with ease.

11. Clean off a burnt pan

Talk about saving money: too many people just throw away pans with baked-on residue instead of rescuing them.

All it takes is a bread clip. These handy plastic scrapers are tough enough to take food off, but won't damage your pans.

If you need a little help, a soak in Epsom salt will loosen up dried on food before you start scraping.

What do you do with your bread clips?

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