Breaking News: New York City Bans Circuses From Using Wild Animals

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Growing up, I loved going to the circus. I thought it was amazing to see these wild animals 50 feet away from me right in my own city.

But as I grew older, and learned the horrors these animals endure every single day, my heart began to hurt for these large creatures and their terrible lives.

Limited food, confined living arrangements, abuse, it all happens constantly to some of the world's most majestic beasts.

That's why this news out of New York City is a win for circus animals every where.

New York City council took a page of out Los Angeles' books, and voted to ban wild animal circus acts in circuses. NYC Council Member Rosie Mendez has been leading this fight for almost 11 years, with the hopes of ending these cruel acts.

“It’s taken a long time,” Mendez said during the meeting. “We made a lot of changes to the bill. So I wanna thank the people who supported it and the people who were opposed because through that process, we made this a better bill.”

The bill passed by a vote of 43-6. There will be a one year adjustment period for any acts that currently use wild animals.

I think that it is correct to allow the current businesses to adjust their business model in light of this legislation being passed,” Mendez continued.

Continue reading to find out why some people voted AGAINST this bill to save countless wild animals.

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