Worker Told Mom Her Breastfeeding Is "Offensive" And Covered Baby's Head With Dish Rag

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It's not easy being a breastfeeding mother, and for those who are, the last thing you need is the world to make it difficult for you to nourish your baby.

No woman wants to take off their shirt in public, but for the sake of their baby, it must be done. For the most part, these moms feed their babies discreetly, not intending to attract any attention.

In all honesty, they're doing everyone a favor by preventing their baby from crying uncontrollably and disturbing the peace.

People who feel uncomfortable by a breastfeeding mom usually look away.

But when someone tries to take a stand against them, things can get ugly, especially when religion gets involved.

Her Baby Had Trouble Breathing

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One breastfeeding mother from Alabama is accusing a restaurant owner in Phenix City of almost covering her baby's head with a dish rag.

Katy Bullard explained in a Facebook post that a staff member at Giovanna's Pizzaria was forcing her to cover her daughter's head when the little one already had trouble breathing.

"She proceeded to attempt, without asking if she could touch me, to cover me and my baby's head with a dish rag. I stopped her and told her that my husband and I would leave. No one is going to make me cover my daughter who already has a hard time breathing with a d--- dish rag," her viral post read.

"[She] told me I needed to cover myself up because she's a 'Christian' and my breastfeeding offended her," Bullard continued. "I told her I would not cover up and that I am protected in 49 states and able to breastfeed wherever I want."

"Two-Shirt Method"

Bullard told Fox News that she tried to cover herself up as much as she could, without having to impede her child's air flow.

She wore a tank top underneath and T-shirt on top to prevent her full breast from showing.

"The fact that they claimed I was 'exposed' is unreal to me. This way of breastfeeding keeps all but your baby's head covered and yet they approached me as if I were topless," Bullard said. "In fact, I nursed my daughter for 20 minutes or so before they even noticed I was breastfeeding."

A Misunderstanding?

The owner of the restaurant, Nelson Rodriguez, told WRBL that his business "doesn't discriminate against anyone and most certainly not individuals wanting or needing to breastfeed. We would never intentionally embarrass a client. We were honestly acting in goodwill."

Rodriguez said that they only wanted the towel to be used to assist Bullard, and that they never asked her to leave.

"We are very sorry this customer felt we intentionally embarrassed her and apologized to her at the time," he continued.

All Bullard wants people to know is this: "I just want to be clear; what they did was wrong. There is nothing sexual or indecent about feeding a baby, and from a Christian standpoint Jesus wasn't fed by a bottle."

Do you agree with Bullard? Was the restaurant in the wrong?

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