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Bride Meets The Man Who Received Her Son's Heart, And Everyone Is In Tears

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An Alaskan woman received a wedding day surprise, when the young man who received her deceased son's heart showed up to the ceremony unexpectedly.

Becky Turney had never met Jacob Kilby, the man who received the heart of her son Triston, who suddenly died in the fall of 2015.

Becky's husband, Kelly Turney was the one to arrange the surprise by secretly inviting Jacob to  wedding so that a little part of Triston could be there.

“Kelly wanted to surprise Becky for the wedding,” Jacob told by telephone from Palmer, Alaska. “He offered to send me a ticket so I could fly up for the wedding. I was super excited to do it.”

The 21-year-old flew from his home in San Diego, California and stayed out of sight while waiting for the ceremony to begin.

After the bride had walked the aisle, the groom turned to the guests, sharing that while Triston couldn't be there, he was there with them in spirit. He then invited Jacob to come up and meet Becky.

The wedding photographers Love Adventured captured the special moment.

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