Bride Sings Elvis While Walking Down The Aisle, Her Groom's Reaction Has Everyone In Tears

If you need a good excuse to cry today, Allison Dyer has you covered. The Kentucky bride's unique walk down the aisle is going viral for all the right reasons.

Allison surprised everyone with her Elvis cover.Taron Staggs Stone / Facebook

Allison met her groom, Jason Thurman, through their church four years ago. The couple became fast friends, then high school sweethearts, and finally tied the knot last week. They travel together playing music at nearby churches, so it's no surprise that their musical talent became part of the ceremony.

Allison and Jason are high school sweethearts.Allison Dyer

But Allison says that when she walked down the aisle singing Elvis Presley's "Can't Help Falling in Love," Jason was totally surprised. The couple's wedding photographer caught Jason's emotional reaction to the song, and the newlywed reveals he was thinking about more than just Allison's beautiful singing voice during that moment.

“Allison comes from a place where she used to be in an abusive relationship," Jason told Yahoo Lifestyle, "and to know that someone like me could change that for her is absolutely extraordinary.”

Jason couldn't disguise his emotional reaction to the song.Sharon Staggs Stone / Facebook

And the happy bride reveals that “I didn’t want a relationship [when we met], but I knew God was telling me he was the one, so I took a leap of faith."

Four years later it seems like she made the right decision, and all those memories came flooding back to Jason during her incredible performance.

Allison was only able to pull off the surprise with help from Jason's best man, who was also the sound guy for their ceremony.

My new niece 😉 Allison Thurman sang to my nephew as she was walking down the isle at their wedding 😍! Absolutely beautiful! Must watch this ♥️

Posted by Taron Staggs Stone on Saturday, October 14, 2017

“I saw the mic in her hand, and she was singing, and at that moment, the floodgates opened up," Jason remembered. "It was a complete surprise. I was really flattered." And he wasn't the only one. In the video, which has been watched more than six million times on Facebook, you can see Allison and Jason's guests tearing up as well.

Allison just thought it would be "different" to sing at her own wedding, but once she realized the effect it would have on Jason, she had to drop a little hint.

Allison and Jason, during their ceremony.Allison Dyer

“I told him that if he didn’t cry, I was going to turn around and do it all over again,” she says.

Since the video went viral, the couple have received well-wishes and congratulations from people around the world. People are also suggesting that Allison should make a career out of her gift for music, but she insists singing is just an "on-the-side kind of thing."

Allison sings in churches, while Jason accompanies her.Allison Dyer

"Can't Help Falling in Love" was featured in Elvis Presley's film Blue Hawaii, and was often used as the closing song at his concerts, including his famous Aloha from Hawaii live show.

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