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Bride Wears Late Grandma's Dress To Her Wedding And It Fits Like A Dream

Huffington Post / Madison Kantzer

Although she was never really sure what her dream wedding would look like, Madison Kantzer knew one thing for certain: she would wear the beautiful beaded gown that once belonged to her late grandmother.

When Madison walked down the aisle to marry the man of her dreams, Adam Hoffman, she wore the gorgeous dress belonging to her grandmother, Adel Schif Green.

Green had worn it to Madison's uncle's bar mitzvah 51 years earlier, in March 1966. Little did she know, her future granddaughter would look just as stunning in it on her wedding day.

The delicate, three-quarter-sleeve gown with stitched floral detailing fit Madison perfectly - no alterations were required.

“We had a slip made to go under the dress because it’s sheer netting with beads,” she told HuffPost.

“And a few of the beads were falling out so the tailor re-sewed them. But that was one of the conditions from my mom ― no alterations.”

Madison's grandmother, Adel, died in 1969 when Madison's mother was only 14 years old. Although the bride never had the chance to meet her grandmother, it was almost like she was there for the special day in spirit.

"I know my mom really wishes her parents could have met us and seen the kind of people we have become," said Madison.

"So it was really meaningful that the memory of her mom was in the wedding.”

“My mom has had the dress for a long time and I’ve always loved it,” Madison told HuffPost. “I was never someone who envisioned my ideal wedding, but this was something I’ve always known I would wear, especially because I didn’t think I would ever find a dress as amazing as this one in a store.”

[h/t Huffington Post / Heidi Roland Photography ]