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Bride's Emotional Wedding Day Surprise Will Make You Weep

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It's no secret that the perfect wedding day plays out in our minds long before it actually happens. Walking down the aisle to the person of your dreams, surrounded by your family and close friends, getting ready to celebrate the love that you are so excited to share for the rest of your lives.

For Brittany, that dream included having her grandpa, Rev. Ronald Adkins, officiate her wedding.

"From the time I was little, I knew I wanted him to officiate my wedding and he always told me he would be honored to do so," Brittany Yost told ABC News. "Truthfully, I would've been honored to have him there."

Unfortunately, he passed away in April 2016 before Brittany tied the knot with the love of her life, Jordon Yost.

Brittany grew up living next door to her grandparents, so she had a very close relationship with them throughout her entire life.

“I was always at my grandparents’ house because I loved it there. But as a kid, who doesn’t love grandma and grandpa’s house?” she told HuffPost. “For me that feeling never changed ― he was always there when I needed him and never hesitated to tell me when I was wrong or what to do to make something better. He was always my go-to and one of my biggest supporters, and I was always his helper.”

Together with the bride's brother and sister, Jordon didn't let Brittany's dream diminish so quickly.

During their ceremony at the Crab Orchard, in West Virginia, the preacher asked everyone to bow their head in prayer.

That's when it happened.

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