Bright-Colored GMO Pineapples May Be Coming To A Store Near You

Over the last two years, pineapple has surpassed it's status as a fruit to become a trendy part of popular culture.

The tropical fruit is now popping up everywhere, from fashion to home decor and making headlines, from the pizza wars to the Icelandic president's ban.

This time the spikey fruit is back in the news for a strange but cool reason that you definitely did not expect.

Popular fruit brand Del Monte is hopping on the millennial pink bandwagon by producing Rosé-inspired pink pineapples.

I promise we are not pulling your leg. Have a look:

Fittingly named, Rosé, pink pineapples are genetically modified versions of regular pineapples that are colored with lycopene, the same substance that makes tomatoes red. As with most fruits, the intensity of the color will depend on the stage of ripening but these new pineapples will overall be sweeter.

The Food and Drug Administration has given Del Monte approval to continue producing the novelty fruit. There is already a patent in place which means if we're lucky we could be making pink pina coladas sooner than we'd expect. But, for now we'll have to settle for the pretty pictures of what the fruit might look like.

Would try a pink pineapple?

[Header image: Naturally Savvy]

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