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Bring the Magic of Unicorns to Your Tree This Year!

Is your Christmas tree missing a little something? Bring in the Christmas magic with these sparkling, magestic, unicorn ornaments! You will have a blast making these with your kids, and a beautiful decoration to show throughout the holiday.


  • glitter mod podge
  • clear medium sized ornaments
  • black paint pen
  • model magic
  • pink paint
  • super glue


1. Begin by painting the ornament with glitter mod podge (refrain from painting the face), then set aside to dry.

2. Using the black paint pen, draw on the eyes and nose, and set aside to dry.

3. Roll out your model magic, and create a unicorn horn and two ears.

4. Super glue the horn and ears on to the ornament, then paint pink and allow to dry.

5. Find the perfect spot to hang your magical ornament.