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Brooklyn's Mall Has Had A Black Santa For The Last 10 Years, And He's Been A Huge Hit

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Anthony Newerls has been the Santa at the Atlantic Terminal Mall in Brooklyn, New York for 10 years. People have been going out of there way to come see him all that time because he does such a good job speaking to their children, and spreading Christmas spirit. He is exactly the same as every other mall Santa across America, except for one little fact, he's black.

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"Growing up, I had never encountered a black Santa. The first black Santa was the Santa that I encountered as a partner here at the mall," said Newerls. He also said that he vividly remembers the first time that he felt that he was being treated differently as a black Santa.

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He remembers splitting shifts at the mall with another black Santa during his first year sitting in Santa's chair. That the other man he was working with was a couple of shades darker than he was, and that was making people wait until Newerls was on duty.

"More people would come on my shift, than on his shift, and that let me know that there was a comparison in who the parents decided they should take pictures with," he said.

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