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Two Boys Playing With A Toy Ship Has Turned Into An Epic Journey Across The World


At the end of May, Ollie Ferguson and his younger brother, Harry, launched their Playmobil ship from the shores of Peterhead in Scotland.

The boys dreamed of checking this off their bucket list, but no one expected that their little plastic ship would make such a voyage!

Before it could go on its grand voyage, their little ship needed a few special changes...

Eight-year-old Ollie and his five-year-old brother, Harry, live with their parents in Turriff, Scotland. Together, with the help of their father, MacNeill Ferguson, the boys prepared their little vessel for its grand voyage.

"I was concerned that the currents along the coast would take it down the north east coast of Scotland," said MacNeill, "so I was over the moon when it made a beeline for Scandinavia."

The brothers named their little ship Adventure and set about making a few special modifications so that it would be ready to tackle it's trip across the North Sea.

They filled the little boat with polysterene to help it stay afloat and added a counterweight so that it would stay upright on the voyage.

Before the big day, they tested their sturdy vessel in a swimming pool to be sure that they had just the right combination of float and balance.

Then, they brought it to the coast and launched it into the waves.

"It reached Denmark and then Sweden, where it was picked up by a lady who was sailing her own boat and found it in a tree. She was really kind and remade the sails for it," said MacNeill.

Hidden inside this simple toy ship is a message that asks anyone who finds it to launch Adventure back into the seat.

The little boat's journey has been successful because of a global effort to keep it afloat.

"Everyone that has picked it up has been really kind and sent us photos and looked after it. People are really getting into the spirit of it, said their father.

"The boys have enjoyed it and every time we get a message telling us where it has landed we get on the computer and work out where it went, so they are tracking its progress on the map and it gives them an understanding of how big the world is."

What's next for the little ship that could?

Amazingly, the story of the little ship reached all the way to Norway, where it was picked up by the Christian Radich, a Norwegian full-rigged ship.

The Christian Radich will travel down to Cape Verde with the Adventure on board, where it will be launched into the Atlantic.

Stay tuned to see where it ends up next!

[h/t BBC]