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Two Brothers Win The Lottery, But Only One Hit The Jackpot

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James Stocklas, a judge from Pennsylvania, knew the moment he looked at his winning ticket that his life was about to change. As for his brother? Well, that's another story.


That's right. While James won close to $300 million, his brother didn't even hit double digits. The lottery commission chose to reward Bob and James in the same fashion, with both of them getting giant checks. It's safe to assume that Bob's check probably cost more than his winnings!

James Stocklas says he has no plans to leave his job as a judge, saying "Oh, I'll be back on the bench. There's no doubt."

According to the Florida Lottery, James Stocklas chose to take the $191 million lump sum. The 67-year-old judge says he plans to set up "help his family and set up several trust funds."

As for Bob? He's probably going to buy a coffee.

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