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4 Things That Will Change your Mind About Blue Cheese

Move over peanut butter and jelly, there are two ingredients that make an even better couple than you do. Buffalo and Blue Cheese are the true Royal Couple of Cuisine and they go so well together you can just eat 'em up!

There's almost no end to the ways you can pair spicy buffalo sauce with creamy blue cheese, but this new recipe might just be my favorite. You don't need to get messy with wings in order to enjoy it, all you need to do is add some special ingredients to a casserole dish. That's right, Buffalo and Blue Cheese Casserole is going to be on your dinner table soon! We found an awesome recipe on Perdue and you can get all you need to know to make it here.

Blue Cheese

Casseroles are delicious, but they require casserole dishes and those require cleaning. You can't get away from a bit of a mess, but a burger is another way to get some blue cheese into your system with a bit fewer chores after.

Frank's is your go-to Buffalo sauce, so I trust them to know what to do with blue cheese. Their recipe for a Buffalo Blue Cheese Burger is nothing short of mouth-watering. Take a look for yourself right here!

Blue Cheese Burger

Like I said, Frank's is the go-to. They have another recipe which is absolutely worth the try: give Buffalo Chicken Dip a try for your next party!

I can't write an article about hot sauce and blue cheese without including wings. I actually think it might be a law in some states. Don't think that this recipe is just a throw in though. One of the Food Network's highest rated recipes is for Fried Buffalo wings, and one look and you'll see why.

[Source: Perdue]