Build-A-Bear Workshop Announces First-Ever "Pay Your Age" Sale

If you've ever been to Build-A-Bear Workshop, you know just how much fun it is. Even if you go as an adult, watching your kid pick out their new best friend and get to witness them come to life makes it all feel so much more special.

The attention to detail that the company puts in to the process and the story helps your child feel like they are magical. Now the company has found a way to make these custom bears affordable for every child who wants one.

Before, the thought of a $35 stuffed animal was a little bit much for some parents and grandparents, especially if they had to worry about more than one kid. It adds up quick! But Build-A-Bear's latest promotion will help everyone find the friend they need for a discount based on your kid's age.

How do they do it? Well, however old your kid is, that's the price that they will pay for their bear. It's that simple.

Build A bear
Build-A-Bear Workshop

If your child is only one years old, their bear will cost $1, if they're five years old, it'll be $5, if they are nine years old, their bear will cost $9 and so on.

Now, I know what you're thinking, anyone over 35 is going to be real sad about this, but "Pay Your Age Day" has another magical feature. On that day, everyone gets to go back in time to when they were 29.

Ah, to be 29 again.

So not only can you get a cute little bear for your kid for a low price, you can participate in the fun yourself for a discounted price of $29.

All you have to do to get the offer is sign up to their free rewards program before you go in, and just in case you are worried, your name and email are the only things they need.

The only catch is that if you want to pay the age of a kid, they have to be there with you. You can't just say that you have a one-year-old at home, they have to be in the store to help you make the bear.

The store is preparing for a lot of lines and crowds, but they've said that if it gets too busy and you don't have time to prepare your bear that day, you can buy just the unstuffed shell and come back another day to bring them to life.

"Pay Your Age Day" is on July 12th, so make sure you grab the kids and grandkids and head out to your local Build-A-Bear!

You can see just how much a stuffed animal means to a child, and that's why there are so many stories of people doing everything they can to get them back home when they get lost.

Source - Popsugar