Burger King Announces Major Change To Their Menu

Burger King is making a big change to their supply chain and it's good news for animal lovers around the world. They announced that they'll no longer be using chickens from farms that abuse them.

It seems like a common sense policy, but it's not one that's been adopted by many other restaurants.

The Global Animal Partnership (GAP) is an animal advocacy group that watches over food industry trends. Burger King says that by 2024 they will only purchase chickens raised on farms that are in accordance with standards set by GAP.

"Chickens raised for meat are among the most mistreated animals on the planet," GAP said in a joint statement with Burger King. "They are bred to grow so unnaturally fast that they are often crippled under their own weight."

Abused Chicken
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Some standards set by the GAP require that birds be given access to light, clean living conditions and by rendered unconscious before slaughter.

To date Chipotle, Red Robin, Quiznos, Panera Bread and Starbucks have made changes to improve the welfare of animals.