Don't Miss Them: Cini Minis Are Back At Burger King For A Limited Time

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Don't Miss Them: Cini Minis Are Back At Burger King For A Limited Time

Burger King

They say you never know what you've got until it's gone, and when it comes to bygone fast food menu items, that couldn't be more true.

Some of us are still mourning the loss of McDonald's pizza, or the Wendy's salad bar. But Burger King's sweet "˜90s staple, the bite-size Cini Mini buns, have a devoted cult following.

In fact more than 2,500 people once signed a petition demanding that Burger King bring back these tiny treats.

If you're one on the fans who have been eagerly hoping and praying for the return of the Cini Minis all these years, we have good news. The long wait is finally over as the cinnamon rolls have returned to Burger King - but just for a limited time.

Until 2019, you can get a pack of four rolls (famously advertised as being "from the heart of the bun") plus frosting, for just $1.49. That's not bad considering the same items used to cost 99 cents when they were introduced way back in 1998.

Cini Mini rolls
Burger King

You can even get this tasty desert for free, but only if you live in one of the 32 states where Burger King uses the Grubhub delivery app.

Place an order for $10 or more (before taxes and tips) on the app and you can add Cini Minis and frosting to your order at no extra charge.

Cini Mini Rolls
Burger King

Cini Minis will be leaving the menu in 2019, and there's no telling if they'll ever be back, so hurry and enjoy a box while you still can!

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