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Burglars Share 12 Things That Make Your Home An Easy Target For A Robbery

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Protecting your home and your family from thieves is no easy task. While we may think that leaving the lights on while we're away or having a Beware of Dog sign will deter yourself from becoming a victim, it's often not the case.

A thread on Reddit of self-proclaimed burglars revealed all the mistakes people make when trying to keep themselves out of the path of thieves. How many of these mistakes do you make?

12. Your house is empty during the day.

While in the movies, most robberies take place at night while everyone is sound asleep, but in reality, buglers prefer to enter the home when no one is around. This lowers their chance of getting caught.

A serious thief may watch your home for a few days to determine when is the best time to break in. Once they know your home is routinely vacant then they can go in with confidence. Some robbers may even causally knock on the door to ensure no one is home.

11. You use a window air conditioning unit

Homes and apartments with central air conditioning don't have to worry about this, but if you use a window air conditioner you could be putting your home at risk.

“Don't use window air conditioners. This was by far the most common way to gain access by my friends. Kick in the A/C and climb on in. If nothing of value was found, the A/C could be taken in for scrap metal,” one thief advised.

If you want to make sure your home stays safe, then it may be time to invest in central air.

10. You make it obvious that you have valuables

When thieves are choosing their targets, they are looking for the best potential rewards. Homes with obvious signs of wealth, especially if it can be seen from the outside can be tempting.

“Keep expensive stuff out of sight. Your 70" flat screen TV should not be visible from the street. Your MacBook Pro shouldn't be kept right in front of your first floor office window,” one thief said.

It's also common for thieves to check the master bedroom for valuables including jewelry and cash. Instead, consider putting your prized items in a safer location like under the sink in a bathroom or linen closet.

Remember burglars don't want to spend a long time in the home, so if it's not in a very obvious place, it's unlikely they will check for it.

9. You forget to lock your windows and doors

While it may be second nature to close the door and lock it behind you when you leave, you'd be surprised how many people neglect to do this.

Robberies that spark out of pure opportunity are those when they can walk right in the front door and take easy items like laptops, cameras and game systems.

One former their admitted, “I often went in through an unlocked back door.”

While locking your door doesn't guarantee the safety of your home, it removes you as an easy target. Most thieves don't want to attract attention to themselves by kicking down a door, so this is your first protection against being robbed.

8. You garage provides an opportunity

Similar to leaving your front door unlocked, your garage door can make you an easy target as well. It not only may provide access to your home, but what you keep inside it may be of value to robbers.

“Thieves like to drive around nice neighborhoods, looking for people who left their garage open. They love a situation where someone might be mowing their backyard. Quickly hop out of the car, run into the garage, grab as many tools as they can, and run,” a burglar shared.

Keeping your garage closed and locked at all times will help deter thieves, but not always.

A lot of people are guilty of not locking the door from the garage to their home. It can be easy to get a garage door open through a remote or manually making your way in. By locking the door into your home, it's an easy way to protect yourself.

7. Location, Location, Location

It's not just important when you're buying your house, it's important when burglars are choosing their targets. Choosing a home on a major thoroughfare gives them a chance for an easy getaway, where homes in the outskirts of neighborhoods give them more privacy to complete the job.

Thieves will also look for a home that has an entrance facing an alley or street. The lack of visibility makes it easier for them to gain access without being seen. Corner houses, or homes with a neighbor on only one side make for an easier target.

Also, if the house has poor lighting or trees and architectural designs that prevent easy sight-lines to the front door it's a easier target for thieves.

Making sure your home is well lit and getting to know your neighbors is a great way to protect your home if it falls into this category.

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