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Burly Dad Breaks Down When He Sees What's In His Birthday Card

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Over a decade ago, James had been going through a pretty bad case of depression. That's when his wife, Wanda, decided that he needed a friend to keep him company and bought him his first dog, Nemo.

"He had an attachment to him. He leaned on him for anything and everything," says Jaleen.

Two years later they decided that Nemo needed a friend of his own, so they went out and got Lucy, another Bichon.

Sadly, this past August, Lucy, who was 11 years old suffered a heart attack and passed away. To add to this terrible situation, two weeks later Nemo's health began to severely falter. The family decided to ease Nemo's suffering and had him put to sleep. James was absolutely devastated, and although no dog will ever replace either Nemo and Lucy, you can hear the healing in James's voice as he receives his new friend.

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