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There's A Real-Life Burn Book Coming Out Written By Aaron Samuels

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Mean Girls was and is one of the most iconic movies of all time. It gave us Lindsay Lohan's final good role, plus countless quotes and references that will never die.

Something that hasn't made its way into our lives yet, though, is a real-life Burn Book.

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The Burn Book is where the Plastics would write about every girl in school, and it was basically like a bible. It was also the downfall of Cady, who was accused of spreading it around the school (it was really Regina George, that fugly slut.)

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I was just a wee little pre-teen when the movie came out, and I was obsessed with Aaron Samuels, whose hair looks sexy pushed back.

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Jonathan Bennett, who played Samuels, now hosts a Food Network show, which is still more than Lindsay Lohan can say.

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Now, in this wild year that is 2018, Bennett is giving us a real-life, honest-to-goodness Burn Book, although it's a little different than what you might expect.


That's right. Aaron Samuels (which is the only way I'll ever see Bennett, let's be real) is releasing a Mean Girls-themed cook book, which features recipes inspired by the movie!!

He partnered with Food Network personality Nikki Martin to bring us some amazing things, including but not limited to, this photo.


Recipes will include:

You Go Glen (Hot) Cocoa

Pop Sugar

Ms. Norberry Pie

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Just Stab Caesar Salad

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Is Mac And Cheese A Carb?

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Face Smells Like A Foot Peppermint Bark


Kalteen Bars

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Gretchen's Wieners

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Fetch-uccine Alfredo

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The release date will be October 2nd, so you can use the recipes on October 3rd to celebrate the 14th (!!!!!!) anniversary of the movie.

You can pre-order your copy on Amazon here.

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