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Butterfingers And Other Huge Candy Brands Could Disappear By The End Of The Year

Americans are very particular about their candy bars. Whether you prefer coconut filling, creamy nougat or peanut butter, most people will pick one bar and stick to it for life. So we thought it was only fair to warn you that some huge brands could be leaving your local grocery store soon. The bad news comes courtesy of Nestle, the international food empire that includes brands like Pure Life water, Coffee-Mate and Stouffer's.

Nestle has announced they will "explore strategic options" involving their American snack food company, which basically means that some of the country's most popular candy bars are up for sale.

If Nestle doesn't find a buyer soon, these snacks could disappear for good:

Baby Ruth bars


Crunch bars

100 Grands

Oh Henry!




Fun Dip

Pixy Sticks



Other snacks made by Nestle, including Kit Kat bars and Toll House cookies, will not be affected by the sale. The company has until the end of the year to make a deal, which could see the products being reintroduced by a different company, maybe even under new names.

While everyone has a personal favorite, losing Butterfinger and Baby Ruth bars would have the biggest impact, because both these candies crack the list of America's 10 bestselling chocolate bars.

Nestle blames the pressure to sell their American brands on the country's growing demand for healthy food. It turns out more and more pople are avoiding candy bars altogether, and Nestle is feeling the pinch. We'll file that under "good news-bad news."

Hopefully things will work out for the best, but I'm going to buy a few 100 Grands just in case!

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