Butterfly Baby Names Are Trending - What Do You Think

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Butterfly Baby Names Are Trending - What Do You Think


Last year it was rumored that Kylie Jenner was going to choose a butterfly name for her new baby girl. First off, Travis Scott and Kylie have matching butterfly tattoos on their ankles, and one of Travis’s most popular songs is called Butterfly Effect. Kylie later revealed she’s terrified of butterflies.

This didn't stop people from loving the idea of a butterfly name for a baby!

Baby names that relate to butterflies can be literal word names, like Butterfly itself as in the name of Gone With the Wind actress Butterfly McQueen, says nameberry or the names of stages of the butterfly or mother development such as Chrysalis, the rumored name of Jenner's baby.

Here are some butterfly baby names that have been gaining popularity. I'm not sure how I feel about some of the but others I like.


Butterflies hatch from a chrysalis, a life stage made of a hardened protein. It has a mystical feel to it. The name's meaning is 'butterfly'.


If you're thinking about Kim but want something with a bit more flair, this Native American name is a soft and lyrical choice. It means butterfly.


You lose points for originality but it is kind of cute - and not popular yet! Butterfly is of the meaning 'resembling a beautiful and colorful winged insect'.


Medieval English name originating from the Greek name Chryseis. In Greek Mythology, Chryseis was the daughter of Chryses (meaning 'golden'), and she was named in honour of her father. Cressida therefore means 'golden'.


This is of spanish origin and means butterfly. The colorful, fluttering image of a butterfly enhances this name with a delicate beauty.



A little more popular in the early 1900's it saw a spike in 2013.  Posey is a delicate old-fashioned flower name that has gained popularity over the past few years.  Posie might also be a short form for butterfly name Mariposa.


In the Noongar language of Western Australia, Bindi means butterfly. Bindi is usually seen as a girls' name, as seen in Bindi Irwin, daughter of the late Steve Irwin.


The Latinate form of Annabel or a combination of "Anna" and the fashionable "Bella" that was first introduced on the popularity chart in 2001 and has climbed among the top 600 names. Anna (gracious); Belle (beautiful).


This is one of the few butterfly names that is distinctly masculine. It is of Finnish descent. The name Perhonen is a boy's name meaning "butterfly".

What do you think of butterfly baby names?

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