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There Are Actually Certain Days You Can Buy Clothes For Cheaper

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Who doesn't love a good sale?

I know I'm not the only one whose eyes gravitate towards the red signs at a retail store or the discount section of an online store.

Also, wouldn't it be nice if you could know when certain items would be on sale.

That would be too good to be true, right?

One of your lifelong wishes may have been granted because according to data from online sale watcher ShopItToMe, there are certain days where you can find your favorite items discounted.

The best days of the week to buy clothes online

Every day of week you can find the best deals on a particular piece of clothing or accessory. Check it out below!


The first day of the week you can find amazing deals on men's and women's dress pants and sunglasses.

You can find dress pants discounted at 50%, and sunglasses for almost 55% off.


Ladies, on Tuesdays, hold off on spending money online for yourself.

Men can find the best deals on apparel on this day! The average discount is more than 40%.


The middle of the week is my favorite day to shop online because you can find the lowest prices on shoes! You can save more than 35% on your favorite pair.

There are also huge sneaker sales in the month of November and April, so keep a lookout during those months!

Wednesdays are also the perfect day to find deals on kids' clothing, saving around 40%.


Need a new purse? Save more than 35% on women's handbags on Thursdays.


Accessory lovers, Fridays are your day!

You can find jewelry, belts, and scarves for more than 40% off.


You can find lingerie for up to 40% off and outerwear, like jackets, for up to 50% off.

Keep in mind, the best months to buy a winter coat is January and February, since it's off season.

Perhaps, buying a jacket on a Saturday in January could score you a great deal!


In a rush to buy a new swimsuit? Wait until Sunday comes around.

You can get deals for an average of 50% off.

If you're not in a rush, wait until September to stock up on swimsuits.

Three more useful online shopping hacks you should know

Aside from buying off-season, here are other tips recommend by Time's money-saving experts!

1. Put items in your shopping cart, and exit the browser

If you're looking for discounts on your online purchases, the easiest thing to do is act like you're going to buy those items.

Load your shopping cart, then go through the checkout process without putting in your credit card information, then close the window.

In a few days, you will likely receive an email that you have unprocessed items in your cart, and oftentimes they'll offer a discount so that they can make a sale.

2. Don't be tricked by flash sales

"Limited-time" offers aren't as limited as you may think.

This is usually a trick played by online sites to make you buy their products in a certain time frame (depending on the website).

3. Subscribe to store emails

Many people hate having their emails spammed by retail stores, but it could save you a lot of money!

The trick is to open an email just for those kinds of mail.

Retailers offer specialty loyalty coupons and early sale access for customers who sign up to their emails (and actually check).

Have you noticed these trends before?

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