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Study Says Caesarean Sections May Make Babies Fat

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For a handful of overweight people, the extra cheeseburger you eat may not be the cause of your obesity.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has reported babies born through caesarean section are more likely to become obese in adulthood.

With a sample of 2057 participants between the ages of 23 to 25, the study says 15.2 percent of those delivered by C-section were obese compared to 10.4 percent who were born naturally.

Researchers looked at other mitigating factors, such as the subject having a heavier birth weight and the income and education levels of their parents.

Even these components, the study proved C-sections remained linked to a 58 per cent increase in the risk of adulthood obesity.

A similar study took place New York University, with even more eye-opening results.

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