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Camels Disqualified From Beauty Contest Because Of Prohibited Use Of Botox

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Beauty contests are a positively massive industry worldwide, and despite some very heated outcry over their nature recently, they still rake in money, viewers, and sponsorships like few other events that aren't professional sports can.


All over the world men and women alike (but mostly women) compete against one another through displays of talent, beauty, and intelligence in elaborate pageants, with the winner ultimately being crowned as the most beautiful, and often going on to do paid advertisements and appearances. Children can even get in on the action nowadays, which is an entirely different conversation (especially considering this practice has landed some participants in jail).


Of course, pageants like this can get pretty competitive, and as a result there are more than several instances of contestants doing ANYTHING in their power to win, including breaking the rules in big ways. Whether it's altering their looks in ways that are against the competition, or even straight-up interfering with the other contestants, it can be a pretty cutthroat world.


As it turns out, even animals aren't exempt from this, as when a beauty contest for camels was held in Saudi Arabia, many of the entrants had to be disqualified for the illegal use of cosmetic surgery...

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